I have several things that I do that take all my attention. I get lost in the doing. There are a great many things which I do throughout my day during which it is easy for my mind to wander. These tasks aren’t so fulfilling. I also find it difficult to put 100% attention into everything that I do. So I always take joy in the things that require my full, undivided attention. Everyone has similar things in their life. Tasks which are difficult, but rewarding. They can be frustrating in that if you don’t concentrate, things can go wrong. While this tasks will differ from person to person, here are a few of my own.

1) Carving

Wood is a very unforgiving medium to work with. You have to mean each cut you make. You also have to be aware at all times of where the blade will go if it slips. A sharp knife is a safe knife, as it takes less force to make a cut. However working with a knife that’s sharp enough to shave with means that you don’t want any accidents. This means that I can’t allow my mind to wander. At the moment I can only make simple spoons and cups, but each one is unique and better than the last. Sitting down with a piece of wood and ‘finding’ the object within it is a great way for me to relax and quite my mind.

2) Running

I really enjoy running. Unfortunately, due to a climbing injury to my knee a couple of years ago, I can’t for quite so long as I used to. Still, I love to run cross country, especially through woods. Having to jump over fallen logs, splash through puddles and duck under snagging branches is a very freeing and exciting experience for me. I concentrate on my form, my breathing and not falling on my face (not always success at avoiding the last one). Not letting my mind stray from the task makes jogging both a physical and mental workout for me.

3) Sweeping

Not an activity everyone relishes. I however, enjoy sweeping the apartment every morning. It’s not a big apartment and doing it everyday means it’s never a mammoth task, so for about five minutes before work I just sweep. I make sure that I get into all the corners and behind the doors. Plus it means that I get to come home to a clean house, which is always nice.

What activities do you get lost in?