Don’t do anything you don’t a) want to do or b) have to do.

You have to ask yourself whether the commitments you find yourself doing fall into either category. Often there are a few which won’t. I currently follow 75 RSS subscriptions. I’ve just done a recent culling after I realised that I felt it a chore to sift through so much material. I didn’t have to be doing it. It started out as something I did want to do, but took a wrong turn somewhere along the line. Be careful of commitments you take on that start out as enjoyable but lose their fun, but you continue them out of habit.

Following this philosophy does show you that there are quite a few things that have to be done that you might not want to do. If you live with someone here’s where a little negotiating comes in. I don’t like washing up much, but I really like having a cuppa tea. It’s nice to be able to pull a clean mug off the shelf, rather than digging the least dirty one from out of the washing-up in the sink and hoping that the boiling water will take care of anything lurking inside. Fortunately my girlfriend quite enjoys doing the washing up. I take pleasure in sweeping the floor. So we reached a kind of unspoken agreement that we’ve each got that base covered. If there’s nothing obvious like that with your situation, ask around. Someone in your household might love doing the ironing, so long as you cook the dinner.

There are times when you have to face unclogging the drain on your own. The important thing to do now is to create a link between what you don’t want to do and what you do want to do:

Pulling 3 years of hair out of a plug kinda sucks, but having a shower without flooding the bathroom floor is something I think everyone enjoys.

Taking a few extra minutes to clean up the house before you leave means that you get to come home to a tidy house, which is a great pick-me-up after a hard day at work.

Washing windows is a little too close to actual hard work for my liking, but seeing people walk straight into my ‘so clean they can’t be seen’ patio doors is priceless.

Not so clean anymore...

What unnecessary things have you cut out of your life? What benefits do you connect to the things you don’t enjoy doing?