When things aren’t going well. Stop and smile. Force a grin onto your face. Why? There’s a link that goes two ways between smiling and feeling happy. Obviously, you smile when you feel happy. However you also feel happy when you smile. Try it now. See?

This link between our physical and mental state is a very important one. A number of research studies have shown that making a facial expression, such as a smile, can produce effects on the body that are similar to those that result from the actual emotion, such as happiness.

So be mindful of your physical state. If you’re feeling tense, it might be that you’re just holding yourself in a tense position. I tend to bunch my shoulders. Whenever I notice this and relax them, I instantly get a little rush of calm. When I concentrate, I sometimes begin to frown. This can result in me feeling a little grumpy. So be mindful that negative emotions might be the result of your posture or facial expressions, something that’s easily remedied.

Emotions are also easily shared. If you’re working in an environment with other people, their physical state can easily influence your mental well-being. So try sharing a smile. A big toothy grin is almost guaranteed to get a little smile out of the recipient.

I like to turn it into a bit of a game. How many smiles can you get returned today?