This week it’s crunch time. Literally. The crunch is a great workout move that doesn’t require any equipment, can be done pretty much anywhere and it exercises some very important muscles.

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Touch your hands behind your ears and put your elbows out. In this position, engage your transverse abdominal muscles by trying to pulling your belly-button towards your spine.

Your transverse abdominal is an important core muscle for stabilizing yourself and for helping women give birth. The main move of the crunch works the rectus abdominal muscles, better known at the six-pack.

From the lying position  curl your shoulders towards your knees, keeping your lower back on the floor. Pause at the top of the move and then lower yourself down to the starting position.

Try to do this move without tucking your feet under anything. Doing so engages your hip flexors, reducing the impact on your abs.

There are loads of variations of this exercise to target different abdominal muscles but the crunch is the simplest method and highly effective too.

Try to do 10 ten crunches, 3 times, with a short break between each set of 10. Washboard stomach, here we come!

Feel free to share any crunch variations you like to do in the comments section below.