This is something very important that I picked up from the world of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Maps are created to help us navigate a territory, but they are not the same as the territory. No one map can tell it all. They are imperfect and inaccurate. They have to be, maps are difficult enough to fold up as it is!

We all create our own maps. The world is so incredibly rich in information that we have to edit everything down to what makes sense to us. We make assumptions to save time and ignore or forget 99.9% of what we encounter as a way to maintain our sanity. A problem comes from us all having different maps of the same territory.

The world is what it is. Our experience of something is not the same as the thing itself. This is such an incredibly important thing to remember. Too often we get caught up thinking that our map is the territory, so when someone with a different map comes along, conflicts can arise.

It can be difficult for us to change our perception on something we believe to be true. However if we accept that we can only understand an edited version of reality, then it is easier to accept other people’s truths. It is amazing to me, that in a world with over 6 billion people, no matter how similar the circumstances, everyone is have a different experience.

Accept that everybody is using different maps to navigate the same territory. That each persons map is born from their experiences. Learn from others experience and you’ll gain a richer understanding of the world around you.