I was invited to my friend’s wedding ceremony last weekend. It wasn’t an official ceremony, they’d had that already. It was a chance for the couple to proclaim their love for each other whilst among their friends.The ceremony itself was on a mountain-top on one of the Incheon islands (Deok-Jeok-Do). The island is an hour’s ferry journey from the mainland and the ceremony site was a 90 minute hard hike up the steep hillside. Around 20 people made the trek. It was a beautiful ceremony and there was a lot of love on that mountain-top that afternoon.

Back at the bottom of the hill, during dinner, the groom (and host) was asked if planning everything was difficult. He said: “It was stressful, but it was a good kind of stress“. Anyone who has organized a successful event that requires a large amount of coordinated will know what he means. The doing is often quite difficult. It can be hard to ask people to do things like get up at 5a.m. on their weekend and travel several hours for a half hour ceremony. But when it all comes together, it’s always, always, worth the effort.

There are plenty of things that we have to deal with in our lives that cause us stress. However if we focus on the good that will come out of it, then it can become a good kind of stress. Here are 5 good kinds of stress I have on a regular basis:

  • trying to save money – less for me now but it’s there when I need it.
  • cleaning my house – sucks to do, but beats living in a pigsty.
  • work – on rainy days like today, dragging myself in can be quite a challenge, but teaching kids always has some fun in it.
  • keeping connected – organizing skype dates and writing mail can be tough, but having skype dates and receiving mail is always a joy.
  • exercise – it hurts, but its a good hurt đŸ™‚

So when you’re doing something that is stressful, remember that it’s not always a bad thing.

Share the kinds of good stress you experience.