or ‘How to get out of bed in the morning’

Some days it’s a real struggle for me to tear myself away from the warm cocoon of my bed. I can hear the hustle and bustle of a new day beginning outside but all I want to do is bury my head into my pillow and drift back off into peaceful slumber.

It’s something that most people have to contend with on a regular basis. We shuffle out of our bedrooms like characters from a George A. Romero film, searching for cornflakes rather than brains. We fight against the day to come because, quite often, we perceive it to be filled with things we’d rather not face. Unsavory task, unappealing jobs or unappreciative bosses. There is a simple solution to this. Consider your purpose in life.

As you tear yourself away from the restful confines of your duvet and blink away the sleep from your eyes, consider this: ‘Am I getting up to live life, to experience the ups and the downs, or was I brought into this world to do nothing other than lie warm in bed?’

While we may not achieve all our hopes and dreams today, I guarantee that you will do something that will take you one step closer to realizing your potential, so long as you get out of bed.

Hitting the snooze button for an extra five minutes slumber is all well and good, but realize that the day ahead of you is filled with mystery and intrigue. You may scoff at this, telling yourself that you know exactly what your day has in store for you. For those of you thinking this, I set you this challenge. Open your mind to the possibility that at some point today, perhaps when you least expect it, something unforeseen and wonderful will happen.

When it does happen, share it here.