Are you doing what you love?

These past six months have been a very formative time for me. Everybody has been advised, in one way or another, to do what they love, to follow their dreams. Hardly anyone seems to listen to that advice. Myself included.

The dreams we had a children fade away. Some are highly impractical. For a part of my childhood, I wanted to be Zorro. But there were other areas of interest I had which I should have paid closer attention to. I really love wildlife.

Me loving some flora (the fauna tends to run away)

I remember hunting for slow worms (a kind of legless lizard which is different from a snake or an intoxicated iguana) underneath corrugated iron sheets. I managed to pounce upon a few and just held them, letting them slither over my hands. One must have been a little smarter than average because after a while of trying desperately to slither away on the endless pink highway of my palms, it decided to seek refuge in the warm, dark recesses of my jacket sleeve. Quick as as a shot, it disappeared up my arm. It’s worth pointing out, for your enjoyment, that I was completely aware that slow worms were as harmless as earth worms. Only less slimy. This did not stop me from freaking out, desperately shaking my arm, presumably in the hope that it would fall off as a way to appease the rampaging reptile. I stripped off my jacket and flung it to the ground. Panting, I waited for the creature to emerge. When it didn’t I gingerly poked at the jacket. It was clean. I only assume I flung it clear with my arm spasms. I was about five or six years old when this happened and ever since I’ve had a fascination with all creatures great and small.

However I never took any practical steps towards turning my love of the wild into a career of any sorts. Only recently have I started taking tentative steps towards becoming a wildlife photographer. It’s a goal which may take a long while to achieve.

With all that in mind, I’m considering taking this blog in a different direction to the one is has been following so far. While staying calm in the face of certain adversities is a strength of mine, it is not something I am highly passionate about. In my free time I do not research ways to stay calm. Rather I read blogs about travel, minimalism, photography and wildlife. These are the topics which I am passionate about. These are the topics that I will write about. Hopefully these are also the topics you will enjoy reading about.

I hope to see you around.