Had a rough night last night. Very little sleep. It was darn hot, so I tried sleeping above the covers, but then I was at the mercy of mosquitoes.
Despite my ludicrously hairy body, I was being feasted upon. So I spent most of the night hiding under the covers until I was uncomfortably hot, then lying on top of them until I was frustrated with having to slap myself wherever I thought I was being bitten.
In the end I went and got my silk sleeping bag liner and climbed into that. Around 3 a.m. I managed to drift off. Until dawn came around 5:30 and the cicadas started up.

So rather than just bitch and moan about it, I thought I’d read up on it all, to better understand what frustrates me.

Mosquito facts (source):

* Only the females bite, and they use the blood not as food for themselves, but as protein for their eggs. Mosquitoes actually feed on nectar.
* Of the 3,000 species of mosquito, only three spread most human diseases.
* The itchiness is an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva.
* Rosemary (herb) will deter mosquitoes, as will eating plenty of garlic.

Cicadas facts (source):

* They can be heard up to 1 mile away.
* They have a lifespan of up to 17 years (mostly as larvae).
* They are a powerful symbol of rebirth in ancient Chinese culture.

Tips for sleeping in the heat (source):

* Wear light clothing. This can be better than wearing less clothing.
* Take a cool bath or shower before bed. It won’t lower your core temperature, but it’ll make you feel better.
* Don’t engage in physical activity or exercise too soon to going to bed. This will give your body a chance to lower it’s core temperature.
* Avoid hot and heavy meals near bedtime. Try to eat cool and refreshing foods instead.

So I’m going to sip on a garlic smoothie in a tub full of ice before going to bed tonight!

Let me know what you do to beat the heat and banish the bugs.