Here’s a few more ways to spend some relaxing time. If you missed the list of 30 relaxing activities you can find it here.

1) Run

Grab your trainers (or not) and hit the pavement. Well, if you can, hit the grass, it’ll be easier on your joints. Make sure you warm up your muscles properly. This can be done by easing yourself into the run slowly. For a basic training schedule, look here.

2) Bike Ride

Find a park, or some quiet country lanes and take a leisurely bike ride. You can cover more ground than walking and half the great feeling of free wheeling down any hills.

3) Visit a Cafe

On your own or with friends, settling down with a hot beverage in a comfy chair is something I really enjoy. Leaf through one of the magazines available, chat or just people watch. A good, cheap way to enjoy time out of the house.

4) Cup of Tea

I love a good steaming cup of black tea. English Breakfast tea with milk and one sugar. Good all day long. There’s plenty of variety out there, so there’s probably one you like.

5) Mixtape/Playlist

If you’re old school, make yourself a mix tape, if not, a playlist. Either way, listening through your music collection and putting them together into a coherent sequence is fun to do and rewarding to listen to once you’re finished. You can make one to help you relax, one to get you pumped for a workout or one to give to someone special.

6) Paint

Or draw. Either way, getting your creative juices flowing is a great way to spend a day. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, just let the colours flow.

7) Whittle

This is an activity that really quietens my mind. Making something with your hands can be a very rewarding experience. Plus using very sharp tools is a great motivator to focus on what you’re doing.

8) Massage

Massages can alleviate stress, relax muscles and increase physical performance. Either give yourself one, get a loved one to give you a rub down, or head off to your local spa for some healing hands.

9) Pet an animal

Petting can reduce blood pressure, give you someone to talk to and owning a pet can encourage you to exercise. However owning a pet can bring it’s own stress, so try pet sitting for a friend if you want to see if the benefits outweigh the costs for you.

10) Call a friend

‘Wherever you are, it is your friends who make your world’ William James. Reconnecting with a friend is a great way to brighten you day and remind you that you have someone in your corner rooting for you.

Any more activities? Let me know!