All across the news is the worrying fact that water levels here in the UK are worryingly low. Hosepipe bans are likely to be put into effect.

The Guardian has an interactive guide to ‘drought-proof’ your home. While some of you may find this informative, a lot of the hints are things I should hope we all know. But why am I plugging a medicore article? Well, the best bit is right at the end. They’ve included links to regional water companies that offer free packs to help you save water. I get my wet stuff from Essex & Suffolk Water and they over their customers a free water saving kit that I had no idea about. Suffice to say I put my name down for one, so it should be turning up in the next couple of weeks.

I think that water is a fantastically over-looked resource. Recently I visited the RSPB reserve at Fowlmere and was enchanted by the crystal clear stream that ran alongside a section of the trail. It was a tiny trickle of a stream, barely a meter wide and perhaps half a meter deep at its greatest depths, but it was fast flowing and clearly supported an abunance of life beyond the fishes I could see darting about in there. Streams such as that are mesmerising and incredibly calming to spend time around.

I whole-heartedly encourage you to find such a waterway and spend a little time listening to it gurgle and splash.