As it tends to do, the weather turned grey and wet over the weekend. Just because the weather makes you feel like staying indoors, it doesn’t mean you have to be bored, or spend a lot of money entertaining yourself. Here are a few ideas:

1. Meditate. Here are some tips on making it a daily habit.

2. Have a paper aeroplane competition: distance, hang-time, stunts.

3. Make a meal that matches a film. Jaws and sushi, Sweeney Todd and Shepherd’s pie, Full Metal Jacket and pho noodles.

4. If you have a garden, set up a water-barrel to capture that lovely rainwater (bit of a pre-rainy day activity!)

5. Go for a walk – hear me out on this one. So long as you’re properly dressed, going for a walk in the rain can be good fun, especially when you get to come home to a nice hot drink, plus normally busy areas like parks will be much quieter.

6. Take pictures – raindrops can provide opportunities for some fantastic macro shots and the diffuse light from a rainy day is great for portraiture. Just be sure to sit your subject next to a window.

7. Play some board games – Not just for kids. I’m a big fan of Trivial Pursuit and Articulate. I’m also a champion Hungry Hippo player. Here’s a great article that suggests alternatives to 6 board games that have a bad rap.

8. Get outside and enjoy the mud! Here are 10 things to do with mud.

9. Exercise. Here’s an 18 minute routine to get you going.

10. Look at these ways to improve your well-being.